Teaching and Workshops

The Steel Pan Academy is committed to increasing access and opportunity to quality steel pan playing, teaching and learning.283938_10150334717052578_3214691_n

All of our tutors are experienced steel pan teachers and players and have been working in Coventry and Warwickshire Schools for many years.  Meet our Team

Steel pans are one of the most accessible instruments to learn as it requires no previous musical experience.  The Steel Pan Academy is inclusive to all and we are happy to teach and support all abilities and include pupils with additional needs in our groups. Steel pans not only develop transferrable musical skills but also important social skills as part of the essence of playing pan is about working together and having fun as a group.

Peripatetic Music Lessons

2253_63052902577_5268_nThe Steel Pan Academy provides peripatetic steel pan teaching on a weekly basis for schools in Coventry and Warwickshire.

For those schools lucky enough to have a set of steel pans, we will be happy to provide a steel pan tutor to suit your needs. For those schools who do not have their own pans, we will be delighted to bring our own pans to provide a one day workshop and work with you to access funding to put steel pans in your school and encourage more of our young people to enjoy making music as part of a steel band.

Depending on the number of pans, peripatetic pan teaching is usually in groups of 5 for 30 minutes. Some primary schools opt for having groups lasting 20 minutes in order to keep charges to parents as low as possible.

Peripatetic steel pan charges are £35 for the first hour and £29 per consecutive hour. We teach 36 weeks of the year allowing a few make up weeks. For more information on peripatetic pan teaching please contact Diana.


The Steel Pan Academy offer full day and half day steel pan workshops for schools, corporate and community groups. These workshops are perfect for raising awareness and interest in pans within your school, or as a fun team building activity that requires no previous musical experience.

If you would like to book a steel pan workshop and/or introduce and develop steel pan tuition in your school then please do not hesitate to contact Diana